Biweekly 4.2

Devs this one needs to change, I don’t mind difficulty but this fight is the purest form of cancer and the guy who made the team has the brain capacity of a worm.
It’s all luck and it’s just dumb.

Edit : I got lucky and beat it but still change so other players don’t to go through such unfair fight

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Ugh, having flashbacks to that number 3 mission that was basically Doom vs. entire team.

Thats the reason o dont lose my time on that stupid event

Made it first try
Just saying :wink::wink:

It definitely need to change, its fokked… I quit bi weekly, close to quit this game also!!

Why? Yes, the biweekly team for 4.2 is made by someone with a potato for a brain.

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As I said it’s all luck on the fox killing them self and not you.

The battle has been updated.

This is the one with the 4 hellfoxes fl right

Did it first try last night. I never tried to original difficulty but looks okay now. @Dev_VKC thank you for updating it!

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