Better ranking rewards for pvp

Rewards are shi* right now, UC which requires less ability has better stuff, also i think top 10 deserves something too, top 1 2 3 also.
Not to be negative but i think we can all agree pvp ranking rewards are shit right now

Lets stop being so negative, it’s the first PvP rewards in a long time, i’m sure they will get better.

is this sarcasm? Or you changed sides habs?either way, i remember UC rewards have always been the same (rare gems added is the only diference)

Mhmmmm :wink:

that means sarcasm, how could i not see it :joy::joy:

so many greedy people in this world 

Oh trust me, im twice as greedy as you think, this is nothing :wink:

now, shut up and finish the damn popcorn already!

calm down bro, no big discussions going on at the moment, we have to patient

I think the rewards are reasonable.
You still get the normal win rewards until 60 wins and after that is just a little incentive for those, who want to keep going after 60 wins.
Someone like me, who only goes for 50/60 wins (depending on how much time I got), it is good, that the ranking rewards aren’t too awesome, so I don’t have to worry about missing out on good stuff.
For those, who keep going after the 60 wins, they usually do it for the fun and now they get a little extra for the effort.
I think this is exactly, how the devs thought, when they made the reward decisions. And I personally agree with that decision. The reward for rankings shouldn’t be super high, because you already got the win rewards, they are just the icing on the cake.

Lets stop being so negative, it’s the first PvP rewards in a long time, i’m sure they will get better.

Sarcasm aside, they are going to be pushing pvp events over offline ones so i have a feeling they will actually improve

tbh the PvP rewards are actually good if you add up both the ranking + the vicotry rewards, there are so many things to cry about PvP rewards is not one of them.

Come on guys, there’s a very good reason to be so stingy about pvp rewards. Anyone else noticed that Ares is STILL on the leaderboard? Even though he’s clearly a hacker? I’m thinking hackers are probably a lot harder to catch in pvp than they are in the UC, because their score can’t really be monitored here the way it can there. So, if the devs go dropping 5 rare gems and a bunch of legend potions and other crap, then the hackers on the board will get them without really earning them. If a kid in a soccer match plants itching powder on the other team before the match, does that kid deserve the trophy? No. The devs are simply withholding their trophy for now, because otherwise it’ll go to someone who doesn’t deserve it.