Battle Me Please

Anyone that can can we battle daily or something cuz I dont have Kami any longer since i lost all my data. and have restarted i am 250 away from my 5 orbling and i am about to get it atm. but its a long way from the 7th. haha. so if anyone can id like to battle once a day or every other. we dont even have to battle we can just DC like what we did before. when people wanted to get the 700 diamonds.

Oh yes!!! Me me me!!! I want this Kaimiwyrm too! Add me on Gamecenter and we fight daily for sure :wink:

I would love to.  I’m at the 5th orbling as well.

Yes i want Kami too :smiley:
Now i have 5 orblings and about 40.100 diamonds… Need 10.000 and little more for the sixth Orbling .
It’s getting annoying for me to do all these battles :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially since most of the players are just filled with powerful OMs.  Not only that but not as many people play anymore, so diamonds are becoming more rare.

add me guys Bgibbons101230 is my GC

Sent you the friend request :slight_smile:
My GC ID is {[(LUCA)93]}

Mine is draffyn. Looking forward to some good battles!

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