Where is barricadus

      If you do not have the recipe then : Barricadus is part of a chain of quests. Complete the previous quests involving a man illegally excavating to get this quest on the cresent island. You get the recipe by beating him in the tower. -Quoted from Flygon’s thread.

     As for the 2 required arks for Barricadus: Metallo you can find in the Azid Ziggurat southwest of Lassandal. Barricadus you can find one west of Deucalis- Quoted from Ashley’s thread. Metallo is a little rare and may take some time.

Blue jay what is the name of second monster and Ty you guys are awesome

Oops sorry I said Barricadus is second by mistake. I meant Blockadus is the second Ark you need which is 1 west of Deucalis. Forgive my minor mistake.

No problem I would have gave up playing the game if it wasn’t for u guys