Banner for me?

hi guys I see a lot of cool banners around I was wondering if I could have a banner too :slight_smile: if someone does make a banner for me MUCH appreciationĀ 

  1. I would like dreadwolf,magmawyrm, Kamiwyrm and Gearhound if its possibleĀ 

  2. This is my first time having a banner (assuming someone creates 1 for me) how do you put the banner below your post?

Well u could ask PredLeader or Kiltedcobra but I dont know if They want too

hmm ok thanks for the tip jean :slight_smile:

No problem , glad to help!

You put up a banner by going to edit profile, customizations and signature then post the link of the sig and it should work

I think xgharpy means he doesnā€™t have a bannerā€¦

Yeah iknow