Ban MasterMarco

I am ashamed to bring this up, but I’ve had enough of this player “MasterMarco”. This is by far the worst act of sportsmanship I have ever came across in any game I have played. He is a disgrace to the game for wasting peoples time.

As I speak, I have been in a game against him for almost an hour. His tactic is to make you wait for the entire 30 secs of his turn, he skips turn, and then wait another 30 seconds, its ridiculous. His hope that their is a disconnection of some sort.

This is the 5th time he has used this evil tactic. Altogether he has wasted 4 hours of my valuable time in 5 games.

I am absolutely sick and tired of it. This player needs to be banned for good.

His friend code is: 87860530

I will be uploading a timelapsed Youtube of one of the battles.

Hopefully this post can get 50+ Hearts so the Devs give it attention.

@Dev_VKC @ItsSherlock @Killerdog


This sounds terrible! I think banning is a bit too much. Hopefully it’s possible to temporarily suspend him with a unique message about misconduct in PvP and to contact support for more details. Or even better, lock him out of just PvP but for this whole season. That’ll make him learn his lesson.

Yeah banning is a bit much, but at least teach the guy a lesson on poor sportsmanship.

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You should tell the dev and bring back the old rule, we already have pvp warning (make sure you have a good connection to play pvp).
Why still giving a second chance then ?
Disconnect = lose.
This will make you even lose your turn automatically because of them who use disconnect trick.
Just make clear rule, disconnect = lose.

That can be pretty devastating during ranked.
I think we should all troll him if he keeps doing it.

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Is not the disconnect the problem, the problem is
“wait for the entire 30 secs of his turn, he skips turn, and then wait another 30 seconds”

But the real problem is that he is not the only one…

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I think the problem is in the game, rather than in the player, I understand that what MasterMarco does is wrong, but it is within what the game allows, why prohibit it, by an option that the game allows you? I repeat, what MasterMarco does is wrong, but this is within what is allowed in the game, they should correct that option to limit the players.
Without going any further, it would be good to encourage that you cannot skip more than 3 turns in the entire game, to give an example. It is also a way of making fun when one is winning, which seems to me that it does not correspond either. Although there is the issue of strategy… Is complicated.

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Didn’t Garyoak use to do the same thing? He even had a Give Turn team for that very purpose.

I have been told that was him at least.


I do not know how to help you @NMEGaryOak:innocent:


This post makes more sense than anything I’ve read in the past few days !

Listen to him folks .

Skipping should be limited , it will give rise to a lot more strategical thinking.
If u can’t handle the heat , leave the kitchen ladies


*still do the same thing @zazzaro

Although I don’t drag games out when I’m losing, that’s a trash thing to do. BMing is a privilege you get for winning IMHO