Ankoudragon is confusing

Could someone explain to me how Ankoudragon works? I don’t really understand it. His passive says he will die 320 secs or so but if he’s in the FL it doesn’t work and I’m forced to get rid of it. I just faced a Auro-Atra-Ankou and some other monster FL and in the end I had to fight 4 Ankous, tips for battling against it would be very nice.

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Passives never activate in FL

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He confused me for a long time as well until @Unown told me the same thing he told you here lol


His expiration timer triggers as soon as he enters the field; that means if he’s on the frontline at the start of the match, he gets to stay indefinitely until he’s either killed or knocked back. Every time he’s killed by an enemy he comes back with full health in a random spot in his team. If he dies by any other means he won’t come back.

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Tips for beating it… repulse it if you can. Otherwise, put it onto low health (but not quite dead) so it kills itself off with the bloodcrave recoil. If you meet it outside of the front line simply leave it alone completely. It will kill any protectors you have but it will die off and not revive.

In some very rare cases you will want to kill it (e.g. link death sentence on your Aurodragon and you really need to keep Auro alive). However, then it will become awkward to control later on where you’ll probably want to leave it alone and it will get a few kills.

Putting it to sleep is ideal. Sometimes what I’ve done is chosen to kill it in the front line because I know I’ve got sleep later in my team. If it enters too early, I kill it again then when I have my sleep monsters in the battle I can sleep it as it enters.