Attention: Update 2.6 has released with many new features!

Hi fams! How are you doing?
The newest Neo Monsters update is finally out!

What’s new in this update:

  • New feature: Player profile icons
  • New feature: Exchange shop, where you can exchange 7 Star tickets for certain monsters
  • New feature: Buff icons in the battle for buffs, such as Shield, Stealth, Mark, Hold Ground and Overwatch
  • Enemy monsters’ HP is now displayed in PvE
  • Added more options to the Detailed Filter
  • Updated Friend Chest
  • Zapcat is now catchable on Timber Island
  • Damage will now break Stealth and Shield immediately
  • Cloned monsters will now have the same bonus as the original
  • Execute cannot be used when the monster with Time Freeze on the battlefield
  • Bug fixes, such as seen monster disappeared on Monsterdex
  • Adjusted monster balance (see below)

Frozo, Frozgant

  • Changed the skill Ultrawave (All) to Purify.
  • Changed the skill Protect Teammates to SOLO Taunt.

Flutterdrake Rose

  • Changed the seconds cost of the skill Pair Poison Eater from 130 to 100, and increased the damage it deals.

Fluttergold, Flutterbright, Flutterdrake Daffodil

  • Changed the skill Bloodthirst to Bloodfury.

Lupuswing, Caniswyrm

  • Added a new Passive Skill Lock ‘n’.
  • Added a new Passive Skill Load.
  • The skill Element Eradicate can be used unlimitedly.
  • Changed the skill Stealth Teammate to Knock Back Random.
    Lock ‘n’: When entering the battlefield, marks 1 random enemy. (Use with monsters that have Mark Trigger).
    Load: When entering the battlefield, 1 random teammate except itself will get a Mortar loaded. (Use with Mortar type monsters).

Reapkin, Trickoreap, Reapolantern

  • Changed the skill Megablight to Power Slash.
  • Changed the seconds cost of the skill Lifeflip Enemy from 200 to 100.

Glitchy, Malhare, Virabbit

  • Added a Passive Skill Shield Entrance.
  • Changed the skill Gigabolt to Counter Strike.

Rattlesneak, Rattledrake, Rattlewyrm

  • Added a Passive Skill Poison Immunity.
  • Changed the skill Sneak Attack to Venom Sneak Attack.
    Venom Sneak Attack: Poisons and deals critical damage to an enemy if the user is in Stealth.

Hellroid, Vilegear, Devilborg

  • Added a new Passive Skill Harden Carapace.
    Harden Carapace: This monster’s defense is boosted by 100% when its HP is 70% or higher.
  • Changed the skill Summon Minions to LINK Summon Minions.


  • Changed the skill Desperate Strike to Venom Desperate Strike.


  • Changed the skill Risky Heal to ELEM Healing.


  • Added a new skill Deicide.
    Deicide: Deals critical damage if the target is a 6 star monster.

Beeblitz, Apophisking, Seaviper, Volcagarmr

  • Changed its skill Poison Touch to LINK Double Poison Eater.

Dahargaz, Nilodeus

  • Added a Passive Skill Poison Gambit.
  • Changed its skill Poison Touch to RAW Poison Storm.

Siegewhale, Gryphinx

  • Changed the skill Gigawave (All) / Gigathunder (All) to Assisted Wave (All) / Assisted Thunder (All).
  • Changed its passive skill Poison Revenge to Single Sleep Revenge.

Vegikhan, Fireheart

  • Changed its skill Attack Boost to Purifying Stealth.
  • Changed its Passive Skill Poison Revenge to Stun Revenge.


  • Changed its speed from 86% to 66%.

Frosthide, Hiberzor

  • Added a Passive Skill Sleep Immunity.
  • Changed the skill Purify to Piercing Blow.

Ogrepunk, Ogreblade

  • Changed its skill Ultrablaze (All) to Purify All.


  • Changed Secret Skill cost from 16 to 14.
  • The user will absorb 100% of the damage dealt as HP by the Secret Skill Tardie Cannon.
  • Reduced the recoiled damage from the skill Survivor All.

Astrogolem, Stargolem

  • Changed the seconds cost of the skill Sacrifice Load Mortar from 1 to 30

There are 5 limited Super Epic monsters whose skills have been changed completely. Please login to the game and take a look!

I hope you all enjoy this update and thank you very much for playing and supporting Neo Monsters!


This update really helped out a lot of previously underwhelming SE’s; looking forward to trying them out.

Amazing update! Thanks, but I have a big complain about the friend points. Why are all saved friend points gone?.. I have saved up several 10ks for friend chest for an update and now everything got reset to 0 points @Dev_VKC

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We have noticed that sometimes it displays as 0 the first time, if you restart, or play for a bit, it will then display correctly.


Ok I will try to restart. Thanks you for the fast response. Jesus I was not even typing my message and you answered. Speedy :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

How was friend chest updated?

Oh wait, you can get super epics from it, okay.

Main vibe on the myth tix so far is that basically as a low spender I will never get to see an awakened mythic.

Well okay then. Guess they’re for the whales.

Also means stuff like kuraokami I will never see awakened either.

So never roll for myths, do legends only.

Scopionyx shall remain a paperweight.

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A restart didn’t help. I have tried on several accounts. All remains on 0 points


It worked for me.

Can you pm me your friend code please

Can’t get friend points with no friends :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now everyone can have a better malwing with double knock back !!!
Now I don’t feel bad for hatching too many rare egg SE’s !!

Excellent update overall . Except for mythic tickets !! Can I never awaken my limited mythics …

I am not happy with the friend chest update, why cant we just choose what we spend on instead of getting random stuff??


Anyway the rest is very nice especially the buff to the se’ and epics

Because random drop free super epics.

I’ve opened like 15 friend chest and I have yet to get a suoer epic, only got mostly deage fruits, silvers, 1 super deage and 1 epic

So I have only 1 issue. Why is the leogeist logo so rubbish. The rest are great but Leo’s just looks dumb. Otherwise great job

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Did 38 of them got 3 super epics.

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Ok so playing a bit and then restart worked for me. Ty :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: