ATK of Deathgazer needs a buff!

Deathgazer’s poison massacre makes far less dmg compared to that of Terror. It even cannot one shot Ultima when all four monsters are poisoned.

So, you basically want your 4 mons to pretty much get the turn AND one shot all enemy monsters at the same time? You might as well give him a passive ability for instant win when the monster comes in.

Read my post again, if you cannot understand,

Gazer is good enough, but you have a point there as his power diference with terror is 80 points

he is already overpowerd AF no need to give him more abilitys and attack

Gazers passive makes up for the lower damage. I would prefer gazer over terror any day, his poison storm is also very good. Terror is hit or miss with poison gas if the enemy isn’t already poisoned 

I do understand and I also believe of all the monsters available, Deathgazer is the last one that needs any improvement. It is almost a broken monster already.

Yes, the atk difference is 80, but the real dmg difference is far more than 80. And because of the nerf, it cannot be placed anywhere like Terror.

This guy is undoubtedly more intended for supportive purposes than offensive. And support he sure as heck does. Just position him right, and he can turn the match around. His power lies not in his own offense, but the offense of his allies that he greatly enhances.

I’d run him over terror any day, just for the TT entrance…  Poison effects are just a bonus.