As I kill maggatsuohsrfsk ... the one in the photo.

Episode XXVII.
I can not stun, sleep, poison, mark death, massive damage.
My monsters enter and are poisoned only to explode later, and I do not even have a turn.
I’ve run out of strategies.
How did you beat him?

This is a megaboss, like you’ll find at the end of each first ones event. Try to work out what the boss does and how you can use your monsters to beat it. The boss typically follows a strict move order so you can plan accordingly.

You could run 2 give turn monsters and 1 tt + a monster with aoe and bloodmove. Unless they changed the battle it should be relatively easy

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Deluga is the easiest way to win. Ultra all the 2 minions and then give it a turn with GT or TT. Double Bloodcrave one shots Maggot. Finish off the rest of the banes

I beat it with this team. It defeated my team several times so I thought why not use some death events monsters. It turned out it was immune to the death revenge. The main killing monster on the team is grovo with its duo attack.

Do you have this?

No. I’ve spent tons of rare gems trying to get it. :sob:

Every boss has weaknesses.


I used novadrake and magmarinus
Those were the two main ones that took him down!
Along with my team!