Arky help

I decided to make this topic to clarify a few things. OK so to get Arky you need to capture 101 arkamons (so it says) but im a little confused. What does it really mean by capture 101 arkamons and what are the restrictions. Like for e.g i found that it only goes up by catching different SPECIES not different arkamons, eggsample if i captured a wooly and captured a mammut it would only go up by 1 is this a glitch or how it is meant to be. As well if i got a brand new arkamon ive never got before in an egg does that count towards it? Does fusing arkamon count towards it as well?  Hopefully some of you can answer some of the questions i have said to help me and anybody who is trying to get arky as well. 

Catch different arks. If you get the evolutions I don’t think that effects it. However fusing counts :3 been a bit since I got my arky.

Fusion ark and egg ark count :slight_smile: good luck

thanks for the help

also do the arkamons from the weekly missions count towards it also?

Yes they also count because normally that is the only way to receive OM right now. Unless it’s like last week and it’s a golden egg monster