Arkadians moves

Which arkadians have the move metal slash and which are good against mettalodious?

Shadowlance, Flamogun, Vegitiger, Snowja, Bloodtiger, Marspin, Naga.

These metal slashers are pretty decent, mostly high star arks.

Bloodclaw you mean haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I want a Bloodtiger.

lol … Bloodtiger it is… It’s a new fusion, ever heard?

Also Scorpionix, Octoneer, and Garudahawk. Those are coming soon, so look out for them :slight_smile:


It is possible to get both a Vegitiger and a Bloodclaw from the gold egg spin. I got lucky and got both of them(both rank C)

Yes it is very possible. If you want to get 100 of them too, it’s also possible. Next time you see them in the spin though, they will be at least B grade because gold egg always has higher grades than what you already have. So aim for those S grade arks!!

Frostknight has it too

Tajid if the gold egg spins have higher grades than what you already have could someone delete all their E & D grade arks and always have C, B, A, S’s, available in their gold egg spins?

You need to own them. If you delete, it doesn’t count. Eg I had all S hatchlings, fused them to S Omega. Then I could only see C hatchlings in gold eggs.

So just keep your highest grade ark. If your highest grade is D, feel free to delete the E grade. If you delete both, you might see D & S grade of those arks again in gold eggs.

Thanks for your response. 

By my memory id say around 8 at least