Archeonis' All No Resist

The move says it effects all Allie arks, it even has the animation that it effects your arks, but it only actually works on itself. Is that a glitch? Is anyone else noticing this?

I dont know if its intentional but it seems like all no resist will only apply to your allies if they made an attack before archeonis uses all no resist. For example lets say you uave an arkwing, archoenis, and an angelon each making a turn in that order. When archeonis uses all no resist, the effects will apply to archeonis, it will apply to arkwing because it made an attack before archeonis, but it will not apply to angelon because it hasntmade a move yet. The same applies to gearwolf’s no defense


How about:

Arkwing has acted.

Angelon has acted.

My third ark dies. Archoenis jumps in and casts all no resist. Will it affect Angelon and Arkwing?

I believe it would still apply to Angelon and arkwing since they had already made their moves.