App problems. Cellphone telling me to unistall it

My cellphone samsung galaxy S6 with android is telling me that the app is making my cellphone slower and that the app had 10 errors in 1 week and telling me to unistall it so my phone will get better performance, what should i do in this case,if i unistall and reinstall my account will get deleted? Or it will stay, i need restoration code? How many times u can get restoration code, etc. Can anyone or some admin help me?

If you go online and go to the community section you will see ‘Generate restore code’. Your restore code will be here. It can only be used once a year but if you want a new one you could contact Neo Monsters on Facebook. If it helps to reinstall the app I would do it, then just restore your data and play on a faster phone :wink:

After the new update I think we get unlimited restores
Devs got tired of having to restore accounts

So if i generate my restore code now its only of my account or its about of the time too i mean if i do restore code now to use in emergency and continue playing and my game crash and i reinstall it will be saved last thing i did in server with my account or till i generated the code? Im afraid of using this

Once you generate code the game will constantly save. so the code will always bring back a updated game
And for the restore codes being able to do more then once I’m 99.9% sure
But I could be wrong so save it and only do it when you need to

It happens To me too, And crushes Very often :frowning:

Sorry for reviving the post, but has anyone confirmed that unlimited restores are available or do we have to wait for the next update?