AP poisoned it self

Pretty strange, look into it.

Played sotf, and the holy type auto poisoner entered the field, while he got poisoned.

My line: stormloch, shiva, mossgiliath, and solariel. I didnt have AP at my team.

His line: icefang, raizen, the AP who entered, and i think GF… not sure… was end game.

Dont know if you reading this hit it happened now too, this time wothout AP.

Utopion entered the field and got poisoned. I didnt had any AP at the battle (shiva, chronozeraus, mecha and The electric se protector).

Enemy had bane (already on field), and dont remember what else.

It was an uptopion i knockbacked at the start of the battle if it helps, he had half hp and after i knocked him back - bane entered. (Double knockback).