Any torch challenge 3 strategies?

bahamuzar + aegis + legend TT + sweeper is the only other viable strategy. Unfortunately no other teams have been found.

I used gear tyrant with a lot of stunners

Ah, for torch 3 you just have to play so that you get an absurd tempo lead.

I myself went with this team. Try sleeplock you can change goldtail with your single sleep mon although harder and drakozord with heal purify. What you will need to do is to knockback next the annoying banedragon. Bring 2 sleep, 1 knockback next, and frostrider. Then knockback next as fifth monster. Use a stunning entrance healer/purify at the last slot. In your case, make sure you use double deathsentence first then one-on-one with frostrider then switch to healer then purify. Sleep the last awake mon, wait for deathsentence. Now just spam sleep and bloodthirst but remember to knockback next bane. I suggest stun entrance to stun bomb your middle to a timestrike bloodcraver just in case. It took me 8 times but it is worth it but with this lineup it only took me 6 monsters for this event which is the first 5 and the last one. Potent sleep op against pve.

This may help u