Any thoughts on new Dungeon Challenge monster?

Just wondering what everybody’s thoughts were on new monster coming out.

Could be interesting. If he’s only a healer he would be a 1 time use. We have to see the other moves.

my predication for him. 

heal all  (given)

overwatch (given)

Aoe skill 


passive holding ground (given)

(if these are his skills hes kind of worse then stun heal all)

Different possibility:

Heal all, overwatch, give turn, purify, HG would be more fun.

it would be impossible for that he has no attack skill. its either purify or give turn 

Overwatch plus hg will make it best healer and purifier (if it has).

no it wouldnt. Heal all has no correlation with overwatch. I really hope he comes with either a unique move or at least a reg move that will have good synergy with overwatch

1 HP(Hold ground) → Overwatch → heal all → Die ??? (^o^)/

if it would have a unique move it would have most likely be announced in the featured skills as usual.

Gigabolt timestrike overwatch heal all and hold ground…:frowning:

cannibalize would have been nice but oh well after the last event monster can´t cry about 1 bad

its been 4 bad before searguard, so its 5/6 bad. That’s not to great

Stunning entrance healer is more useful than he is.