any sujestions 4 my team

Hi all my name is ricardo im from Portugal and i love Neo Monsters
Im in level 67 and cant past episode IX at all
On UC cant go better than level 56
I use stun bombers and timestrikers almost all the time
Any tip for my team? (Chronozeros i only got today)
Thats all my non catchable mons
Any sujestion will be apreciate
Sorry 4 bad english
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I think it’ll be hard with your mons. I suggest take your time to learn more, save gems, spent it later on festival to get better mons.

Back then, when my mons are limited I always use death revenge / roulette in front line (pufoxin & rhino) plus 2 other mons with hold ground + desperate strike / double. Just skip the desperate mons and just hope the roulette will land on enemy. If it land on your desperate mon, you can use the desperate attack.

Galvabe is your better mon, so maybe you can support it with protector and healer. The one-on-one throw bloodcrave mon is also good for lower floors.

Thanks for tips ana :slight_smile: i will do that …by the way one on one is practice when? Never understant that move lol
its sad allways epic mons on festivals etc… Not good luck here :confused:

You may want to activate one on one if you have protector in your team that already cast protect team mates. That way when enemy attack it will target your protector and wake it up. You can then purify your mons and do whatever you want.

That makes sense i used it for put all enemy mons to sleep than come with a purify monsters when someone of my team dead
Thanks again