Any suggestions for line up?

Here are all of my monsters:

Georex x2

Rexy x5

Pearex x2

Seabite x5

Lavaraptor x3

Gaiwyrm x1

Voltyke x3

Fireheart x1

Firemane x1

Tinder x1

Volvoxon x1

Gigaceros x2

Cherubion x1

Archeonis x1

Remus x1

Bouldon x1

Minespider x1

Nightmare x1

Hammertooth x1

Raptorex x1

Twiggy x1

Nitrobird x1

Gryphon x1

Stegy x1

If you think i should destroy any of them as well, please let me know! I have only been playing this for a month or so, so if you have any suggestions, that would be awesome!

Um,first,why the heck do you have 5 sea bites and rexies?
Otherwise,get all the worms for omega,and get angel on,halo part,chopperbug,raioh,gremknight,plasmorex,Luxknight,shadow lance,nilomoth,nilox,and more.
Also,get leviathan and Pyroviper.
ALWAYS keep MS on your party,unless youre totally tanked up,its insanely strong.
Georex,Raptorex,Seabite’s Evo,Gaiawyrm,and Voltyke’s evo are good too.
Get worms and tremor back and dread wolf.

i agree don’t get to much seabites


Because Mozzy, he must…KILL IT WITH REXY!!!

and u need a halopard…

Ok, thanks for all the uh advice lol i will get pyroviper and leviathan :slight_smile:

What does MS mean?



With Shadowstalker available again, Minespider becomes even more useful now that you can use Scapegoat.
I really suggest going for one.

And Halopard…I recommend Halopard for all teams…