Any android users?

I bought myself a new phone on Sunday there and it runs Android. I’ve never had experience of Android so I was wondering if anyone on the forums has any helpful tips to get the most out of the phone. I’ve installed Nova Launcher and made it look pretty nice but that’s about it really.

So if anyone has good tips on how to make the most out of android, please share it with me :slight_smile:

Okay so I got a bit adventurous today and looked up some fantastic wee free apps and widgets that I would suggest for anyone who is running Android. Most of them make the device all pretty but some are incredibly functional.

Nova Launcher
It’s an advanced launcher with some great animations and customisation options. The free version allows a plethora of ways to customise your home to your liking and allows the app logos to be changed individually, the colour scheme of the menus to be changed, the grid of the screen to be changed and many other things. It also provides the ability to hide the dock and notification bar to really open up your home screen.

A good alternative to the clock in the notification bar if you choose to hide the notification bar as I did, also highly customisable.

Battery Widget Reborn
A simplistic circular battery widget with good functionality. Again, it’s appearance is very customisable. It also adds an icon in the notification bar which tells you the internal temperature of the device and either how long it will take to charge, or how long you have left on the charge.

A simple large clock app ideal for your main home screen which has customisable colours and is very easy to read.

Clueful Privacy Advisor
Incredibly useful app that give you a privacy score by analysing all your installed apps and rating them low, moderate or high risk, based on the information they have access to.

The next one is my favourite. It. Blew. My. Mind.

Okay so this app allows completely wireless connection to a laptop or whatever, allowing you to access all functionality of the phone via your laptop. You can send and receive texts, make phone calls, install things onto your phone without a USB cable and the most incredible part is that you don’t even have to have access to the phone itself. As long as it’s on, when you login to the airdroid site, it will launch the app automatically on the phone and pair it wherever it may be. This also allows the phone to be tracked geographically and, quite incredibly, the camera can be accessed wirelessly so if your phone has been stolen, not only will you find out WHERE it is but you’ll be able to see WHO has it. The functionality in this apps quite incredible.

So yeah, if you’ve got Android, those are my suggested must-haves :wink:

I have an Galaxy S3, don’t know that much about android though :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel this may interest you :wink:

Dude that is awesome!.  I never got my background to slide when you swipe the screen :frowning:

Really? Why? Does the S3 not support it or something? You should download novalauncher, there’s an option to force it to scroll the background :wink:

Yeah the S3 doesn’t support it and that is a good idea!