Rooted Phone

I am thinking about rooting my Android phone. Foe the most part its worth it. So i would like to know does this game work on a rooted device. If not than i won’t root

Are you one of the guys who had Huawei?

Rooting a phone will not change anything on game…with some tweaks you can make the game run faster btw
I really hope you dont have a huawei cus they stoped giving the unlock code for unlocking the bootloader…im one o those unlucky guys :roll_eyes: updated my p10 to android 8.0 and it burns my batery life time and now i cant even make a downgrade

Huawei is super painful to root anyway. I tried it. All the root apps fail. And the code is super hard to get.

The rooting processes its pretty easy i have done it so many times on so many phones and tablets you just need to get used to it :grin:the problem there is huawei stoped giving the unlock code without it its hard to root

I am one of the few who got it and saved it. As for rooting well yes, is it generally worth it? I mean is the rsik of bricking worth ot?

How do you root tablets @Rctuga

I already brick 2 phones but it can be solved on most cases i solved both phones
I used to root only for titanium backup thats a great apk to save game progress etc,also to play nds games,game boy games even n64,psxgames on emulators… You can also tweak your batery lifetime,cpu speed etc

There are some apk that can root in a few minuts or the other way is by unlocking the bootloader and install a custom recovery

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