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Neo Community: “The Oni 1 on 1 is a major problem and ruining PvP”

Neo Devs: “We hear ya! So you want us to change sleep immunity.”

Neo Community: “I mean ok, but we really just want you to put Oni back like he was before.”

Neo Devs: “Got it! So we will release an egg with Oni!”

*Neo Community left the Chat

Neo Devs: “I dont understand. All we did was slap them in the face and ignore their wishes on Oni, mythic tickets, gem deals, egg guarantees, and in game content. Isnt ignoring your customers demands the best way to run a business?”


LMAO. on point my dude


I’m just surprised they re-released the two Valentines mythics this quickly. Guess they must’ve seen vigorous amounts of PvP use.


And they are included in pvp stars where nearly no one used them at all.

And lion hasn’t been featured since last October 2018 which is 7 months ago where he is the top pvp star monster.

To make matters worse, the game hasn’t added any new online content ever since pvp and pve got so boring that literally many players just quit doing them and no one is asking for pve content for a reason too much grind I don’t know why devs keep on repeating events at this moment without actually improving the event.

To make matters worse they have upset the player base (F2p and spenders) by ignoring suggestions to improve the game and going full greed It reached a point where many players are starting to sell there accounts or just quit. (And those players cared about this game but due to frustration and there suggestions not reaching the devlopers they had no choose but to quit)

I myself consider quitting this game at this point if nothing happens to mythics, tickets and new online content.


I know we never agree on things, but i agree on the last paragraph there


So true what Mr. Morgan says, in the Clan that I am several stopped playing, others directly abandoned the game and stopped contributing monetarily, with what I like the game, it is a tremendous loss…


Actually I’ve already quit… … you should consider evertale.


At its current state, only thing Evertale has to offer is offline story.


Ye true


If you’re decent at Neo, you can destroy people in Evertale. It seems like the majority of players you meet in PvP have no idea about strategy, they just slap their 8 highest level monsters together and hope for the best

Then they cry in the forum saying Evertale is too difficult


I Cry because my lv 80 Orzachron gets pounded by any level 100 SSR


Does 100 lv double the stats compared to 80 lv?


This is discouraging actually. F2P and those who don’t spend much will wuot eventually


Ive said this since start. Sr don’t stand a chance compared to ssr, while in neo full se teams are completely viable

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Neo is a better and more balanced game then ET, as it doesnt based on dupes / stats / awakens / boosts and whatever.

Its just that neo became so power creeped that everybody losing interests, including me.


Nice joke. It remains the same like neo with 1% gamble chance to get decent characters. You are going from a paywall game to a pay2win game :grin:

But anyway I agree fully with you @Mr.X unfortunately devs don’t care ir cant do anything about it


I guess you wanted to reply to @Professor_Oak’s comment above mine?


You are right. My bad. Who ever recommends evertale at this stage of the game, I have no words for that


@Exu and @eNjiin are teaming up on me cos of evertale… :neutral_face::wink:


I’m off to play dragalia lost instead. It’s very f2p and is quite polished though it takes a ton of memory.

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