Well hello people

Hello everyone :smiley:

Username’s Lee-Roy, I also answer to Leroy for those of you who don’t have OCD and an overwhelming need to address me by my full username _everytime. _Lol. I was a casual player of DIB but have really found myself getting into HI and it didn’t take me long to realise that it would be a really hard game to play by myself. So I’ve found this forum, signed up and am about to start reading through the posts hoping to understand the game better. And I look forward to getting to know you all.

Welcome to the forum!  Glad you decided to sign up. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!
Enjoy ur stay on the forums :slight_smile:

Hello Lee-Roy! Er, Leroy. :S 

Welcome to the forums! ^^ 


Im sorry i just had to take the opportunity but welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Hope to see u around.

Welcome to the forums !

Thanks guys, liking my time err already :smiley: