After beating game

Something to do after beating game, except for farming, infonite dungeons and pvp?

Do those so your ready when the next part of the story is released.

Online mission:)

There really isn’t much to do :confused:

Try to get your capture rate to 100% is a option.

But you can never get the full dex completed with waiting about a whole year to get all the online monster/egg monsters etc

I’m in the same boat I’m over 100% collection and am running ou of things to do an update would be great

What are the rewards in the infinite dungeon? Just musical notes? Any gold eggs?

Good eggs are own after beating the guardion+destructors on certain floors in the infinite dungeon.

Stuff to do…collect level 99s, collect S Ranks, get a bunch of your favorite monster, come up with new strategies, get your capture rate even higher, PVP, OMs, infinite dungeon, come up with strategies, battle betas to try and get a look at some of the best monsters, etc.

this is SO FUN

I cant imagine how many Breezelings u must have now!

Not only that i bet she has billions of sanders, kentuckys. and bluechicks!

I can imagine. 

But I’m honestly getting a tad bit bored already…