About the create duplicate bug.

This is the first time I have actually used cryokaiser and felt like he was powerful enough to use. Please don’t make him useless again.

At least, if you fix the bug, buff cryokaiser and sanctallion such that they keep the effect. As currently, they are completely useless and have 0 reason to use them. Then replace their risky heal with a link move. Maybe link dual GT? That would make the assisted strategy an actual threat. As well as maybe stun immune.

They really need help. I like what you guys are doing with mortar, but these guys badly need the help, and the buf is making them viable.

Hope you consider VKC.

cryo/sanct work well as is in my team for specific event.
Don’t make them link trash. It’s not a buff. Actually nerf.
If you need those kind of monsters, you should ask adding new monsters instead of changing cryo/sanct.

Changing risky heal into a link move will help them imo. I have never used them in a normal team, just in assisted team.

They can be used in some kinds of team, not assisted one.
Actually my 2nd tier in UC was impossible without them.

If risky heal were changed into a link one, this would impose huge restriction on their usage. They will be able to be used only in assisted team.
But no one runs an assisted team in pvp, thus this change only leads to making them more unused.

Well, no one in their right mind would run Cryo/Sanc without assist anyway, so what’s to lose? They rely heavily on everything being the right element with or without link. I think giving them reusable Link single heal, 70 TU would be a big help, and possibly stun immune would make them a lot more versatile and not as easily shaken off.

What they lose is the usage in normal team.
Assist team is not only one method to use them.
Simply you guys don’t know how to use them in normal team.
Ofc you need some right monsters to use them effectively, but link strategy need more right monsters to work properly.
Keep in mind most of the players don’t have enough monsters to use them as a link monster.
Link is not suitable for regular legendary.

Link moves are poop
But if link is going to make them stronger, it means they actually poopier than poop.

Just saying :wink:

Link is never a solution. Why do you think there is a mortar strategy arriving now? Link is useless, should not leave the drawing board.

Hmm, never seen Cryo or Sanc do good stuff in a non assist team either. Kinda hard to see what they’d be able to do other than waste FL space, expose the team to stun and beg the enemy to kill them, and they’re not likely to oblige.

I know you guys focus on pvp.
But cryo/sanct is mainly pve monster like gear, doom, GF and so on.
Why do you wanna make all legends usable in pvp?
It’s a part of the game, but not all of the game.
I agree with changing the secret or adding new passive to improve monsters cuz their change has mainly no effect on their use in pve.
But they will be useless in both pvp and pve if they had a link move.

Every time I use cryo, I feel like I wasted a slot.

Not to mention that in pve cryo gets 1 attack, then get timestriked, and note that 1 ultrawave isn’t worth the 13 points in a team.

Notice that I was saying guys that changing risky heal to a link move would Come with KEEPING FULL HEALTH DUPES. Not just replacing getting rid or risky heal entirely.

Getting timestriked is one of their job.
That’s why they have create duplicate and stun revenge.
If you feel they aren’t worth to 13 cost, you’d better to use other legendary. Only you can’t find a way to use them.

Navelstans PVE Team is :fire::fire::fire:. He helped me tweak my UC team which now include sanctallion AND Cyrokaiser.

You guys just don’t know how to use them to their full potential.

Z19 GaryOak

Let’s have a quick moment of thought. Would Clone Next be OP if the clone produced had full health? I think it actually wouldn’t. Cryo/Sanc isn’t too terribly hard to kill in general, so it doesn’t seem like it’d be demanding too much in order to break the chain. Giving them full health clones would certainly be a big help with making their chain less frail, and if they also become stun immune, have TUs on assist moves reduced, and give them a nice link move like Link Accelerate(30 TU) or Link Heal all(70), I think they could become a _legitimate _threat in both pvp and pve.

… seems like navel had a moment of thought already, finding a good way to use them, without any new buffs.

Awesome, so instead of an assisted strategy, their main strategic component is to die. K, got it.

What if I want to run assisted wave? Not material sacrifice?

And even so, what’s the team? Back up your claim.

I agree with all buff idea except link.

Nebel/cosmo are also used only for their revenge.
Same thing.

I do agree with improving assisted move. Only thing I don’t agree with is changing risky heal to a link move.

I’m regret I cannot post my team here, but like my friend Gary said, they can be used in normal team. And I got 2nd in UC three times in a row. I don’t think I need further backup.

Nebeleonix’s point is to die, not use assisted wave.

Cryo’s point is to clone himself in order to power his assisted wave.

Two different monster designs.

Nebel is supposed to die, cryo isn’t.

My proposal was to give the clones full health like we have with the bug right now, Then to replace the risky heal with a new link move. Therefore buffing his assisted potential and creating a monster that will be viable in his intended role.

Yes, I know about the infinite heal machine, and no, I don’t think that a monster should not be reworked to better fit what he is supposed to do because someone else has a strategy they use with him.

Was curious as to how you keep the risky heal machine alive.

No monsters have a manual to use.
You just limit their role by yourself.
Finding new role of the monsters is one of player skills and my favorite part of the game.
But link move strongly limits their usage, they can be used ONLY in assisted team.

No, it limits your current strategy to the one you found, while the possibility of many many more is opened up by changing risky heal to a link move. A substrategy in an assisted team is possible and can be made possible by link moves.

Currently they have one role that you have found that you use them in. By leaving risky heal, you are limiting them to a single role. One you found yourself.