A weird persephia buff idea

Persephia is one of the worst pvp mythics.
Despite having a 70tu pvp based ko move.
Reasons why i think it’s ■■■■ in pvp:

  1. It’s super slow cuz it can’t do anything great on it’s first turn so it needs a lot of time unless awakened.
  2. It can get you rocklocked.
  3. Its damage increase doesn’t help cuz the non throw move pushes her out of game with that big fat tu on it.
  4. It’s ■■■■.

I think everyone would be happy if she was given something low tu that would work well when she has huuge atk stat.
How about something like LEECH from old Dusiyon. If both of her passives get stuffed on one passive(like dolphin bond/fd bond/cw passive that grants them multiple abilities in one passive) and hold ground becomes the 2nd passive, i think with a high enough atk stat she will be really hard to kill with leech.

Maybe leech+. With 20/25k atk she may even ohko with leech+ That way she can actually benefit you a lot more if you can raise her stat significantly. It won’t be like orca/cynthia that doesn’t need building around. People will have to make sure -she get rocks/the rocks can be killed after she dies/she doesn’t die/and also will have to choose another sweeper that will sweep when she sits idle. All this will require teambuilding but will greatly help someone win matches who successfully builds around her.
With something like Leech ( any low tu damage move that will work great with buffed atk)i think she might actually be a Budget polaboss that can get you rocklocked at times.
What do you guys think?


Sadly she’s one of those mythics that has a very important SS, so don’t judge her too harshly on the second form because she doesn’t have the whole moveset.

My recent thinking about her is similar… replacing the hit all move with a more efficient move would be excellent for those times when you don’t have something to throw and don’t really want to rebirth anything. Leech and hold ground seems a bit much. My thought was to make it power slash (160TU). So the idea is you do some throw/rebirth first but then it becomes almost like a bloodcrush move for her. It’ll still be better to use the throw move when it’s available but will be a good thing to fall back on. It could also be power slash on the second form, which would go a long way to making her second form actually viable.

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She is a mythic that is best created for pve . Not everything is created for PvP let it be as it is .
Leech+ with holdground seems a lot .
Assisted dusk all should be changed to shock ( something like that which can kill her rocks wake sleeping monsters etc) and do high damage just like what assisted dusk all do if u get a lot of damage.
Maybe give her some kind of bond with ( a 0* star monsters which grants sleep immunity and focus )

Actually, persephia also sucks for pve lol

Just give her DR and call it a day

Or at least make ultradusk all tu the same as nova. Get rid of rocky ribirth and make it excessive force

Bruh…if that happens she’d be a super powerful aoe killer. Just by 2 rebirth her attack stats would be buffed like hell and then RIP to the enemy team :joy:

Of course that’s the plan. Awakened Mythics are supposed to be overpowered


No no, DR is something to be ashamed of. Just ask @bvn_03


Yess man.
Without rocky rebirth you have to throw some of your awak myths to do some aoe. And then find out your persephia is gonna get one shot on the next move. Whole lotta use for all those costs.

Yh something like power slash can work too.
In current meta low tu sweeping is efficient that’s why i suggested something like leech. But yh power slash will be great too.
After just 1/2 kills she can easily ohko anything.
Maybe 100tu power slash like Bundam?

Yeah sure, if the game wanted to only last 6-12 months. Instead we’re looking at a game that’s just about to celebrate 6 years.

I thought you were going to suggest a passive for her that gives all rock teammates DR


Or she could summon musashoids instead

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Now there’s an idea!

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