Persephia strategies

I am a new player (F2P) on this game. Persephia is my first mystic which I got even before the rookie league (I was just incredibly lucky to draw a mystic) so what strategies can be used to build persephia
(It would be helpful if you can also tell me whic epics and super epics go well with her). Also is she worth to build up for the mid game and pvp?

I use her with kuraokami second form.

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She can indeed be useful in low-medium rank PvP, but be careful, since higher level PvP usually runs counter-protector strategies, and Persephia summons protectors continuously.

As for her strategies: she can be paired with monsters like Canishogun and Dolphreeze, which summon Rockoids next in line. Monsters like Blazerider and Aeraider also can help, since they do the same thing but automatically, while entering the field.

Last PvP’s reward was Shiny Gnashjaw: he summons Rockoids next in line too, both actively and passively, so he’s a great candidate too.

Consider Kuraokami and Nauticruiser too, since they can summon monsters next in line indefinitely.

Finally, pair her with monsters that have strong Entrance/Revenge passives, since Persephia can summon them again with Rebirth Next/Rebirth end.



artasis,nauticruisser,shiny gnashjaw,lime is good combo for her if you want use her at mid game.

if you want to use her in e.g any monster with summon (end) like astrogolem,dolphoenix ,auro dragon is good choice too

Thanks for the help