Have you seen them new monsters that have been posted on facebook?
What do you think will be their move set? I hope that tenebrisis not going to be another OP poisoner. About Virabbit I hope for an unseen move set

Yes they both are legs and devs post them for name suggestion

The rabbit is ugly :grimacing: and the 2nd one looks like hydrablazer… no offense

What do you expect for their move set?

No idea… i think MAYBE big maybe they will be the incoming First Ones… just a wild guess… :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe some poison stuff idk… hehe

Definitely not first ones - we have their names already

I really like the design for Tenebris.

As for whether they’ll be added to the egg, or be around for a limited time only, my money’s on the latter.

they added alot to the normal wheel. time for some limited stuff again.

Someone in the forum has posted the img for all first ones a long time ago.


Tenebris design looks killer. Much better than first one like bovolcus lol.

Tenebris Assisted Dark together with Alphagear will be unstoppable. Rise of the Alpha is comming!

Urgh, I hope we don’t get any more copies whatsoever. What’s even the point / uniqueness when every single type gets their own bunch of Aassissted mons :confused: Especially when they’re downright clones.

Not a fan of the glitch-rabbits design, even though I really like the basic concept itself. But the colors just don’t match together and the head looks dorky. Meanwhile the other legendary got a simple but at least well executed, good looking design.

Someone had unpacked the image files of neo and posted even before zib was released. I find those first ones by zooming in those images.

Yes in a pinned thread called “neo monsters wikia” but kitled deleted the thread

 With the thread deleted, is there any way to find the pictures again?

Request to kitled

One move out of four does not make a monster a copy added to that unless I’ve missed it there isn’t a single monster in the game with assisted dark.
Although in essence I do agree with you. Not a fan when two monsters are just clones of each other with different elements.