YouTube pvp Battles

Thank you all for the YouTube pvp battles! It’s helped me a ton with knowing who to attack first and good strategies! Even though I’m F2P with limited amount of legendary monsters. It’s allowed me to build my own effective setup! Especially BVN03! I could name all of them cause you all are amazing!

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You you please provide link to the videos?

Ok and are you BVN03?

Nope I’m ArcticTheHunter

Haha well what I mean by that is I thought you had a different IGN :sweat_smile:. I loved this YouTube pvp match

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Discord ppl knows … ahahaha

Turbo Power ha !

Are you talking about D ACE
He changes from Nick all the time, he’s a good player

Oh I wasn’t even aware that we had a discord! I’ll definitely be joining later

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