Youth fruit mission nerfed?

Hi today I noticed I only get 2 youth fruits for completing the Youth Fruit Ultra Evolve mission. It used to be 3? Is this ninja nerfed?

I just played the youth fruit mission and got 3 of them.

Thats strange. I did it 5 times in a row, and got just 2 every time.

Someone met this problem too for unknown reasons. Congrats, it means you should try 10-in-1.

I tried the 10 in one egg but the bug is still there! Anyone else?

That is really strange, it is suppose to be 3. You can report it as bug if it is.

I have no problem in youth fruit mission and sometimes if gets lucky I receive super de-age from defeating every enemies there.

I mean it is super rare to face with this bug. So far only two guys I know had this problem including you.  U’d better leave a message to devs for this.

I’m experiencing the same bug as you are. I already emailed the devs but I havent tried it since.