Would you please fix the online mission bugs

Every time when I enter a youth fruit,silver mines or a ingredient mission,if the connection fails,I will find my tickets still wastes and I get nothing.I really can’t bare this anymore.So would you fix this bug as soon as possible,I believe someone has the same problem.Thank you

I disconnected 24 out of 25 runs on youth fruit. Ryan said to restart your device and retry as have tried to fix it. I haven’t tried since

Hi I have a problem with the pvp and online missions, the majority of times I go into a pvp my game crashes I wouldn’t mind only I lose both the ingredients/monsters from that mission and the tickets as well meaning I have to use gems to get more tickets. Furthermore I can’t even play the pvp because it says that it can’t find any other players and I tried this about 20 times at different occasions and still didn’t find a match

Check the thread I made about the aging fruit mission bug. Ryan has replied on there about the issues

Well,my problem is that:For example,I have 96 tickets,when I enter the golden mouth mission(25 tickets),connection failure and it returns to main screen,it still shows 96 tickets left.But when I enter the mission again and finish it,I find only 46 tickets left.So I really don’t know why

Have you tried restarting your device, that sorted my problem

Yes,I tried that but didn’t work