How Do I Reenter Dungeons?

Just wondering, how do I reenter dungeons? (At least I think they’re dungeons; they’re the areas you go into where the treasure chests are).

I haven’t collected all of the available monsters in some of the dungeons and would really like to go back into them, only I can’t figure out how to. Thanks in advance for any help!

Just walk back into them. For some story dungeons such as the one in the Yelan area, you can’t enter them again. But you can find all monsters that are catchable in them elsewhere in the game.

But where are they? Example: I just finished a quest in the dungeon where the grove/big tree is, but now it’s a town and not a dungeon. Are the dungeons associated with quests not able to be reentered? Or is it only the caves I can reenter?

That tends to be the case. Those are story dungeons. Once you pass that point in the story, you can’t go back in that dungeon. Which monster do you want to catch?

Ok, thanks! There wasn’t any particular one I wanted to catch, but once I completed the quest in there, it said I had 5/8 captured, so I wanted to try and get the 3 I hadn’t gotten yet. I don’t know which they were but if I can find them in other areas then I’m not worried about it, I’ll come across them.

Okay. If you have a specific one in mind that you want to know the location for, do let me know :slight_smile:

Well, since you offered :slight_smile: do you know where I can find the rabbit with the boxing gloves and a bear, both at the lowest evolution level? I have a recipe to fuse the two of them (I have 3 or 4 different recipes but the rabbit + bear is the only one I can remember off the top of my head).

Jabby (the rabbit) is located in the Grayrock Cave east of Agramis.

Grizzie (the bear) is found around Larkel in the forest area. 

Awesome; thanks again!

What about miniceros I have the same problem and can’t re enter the dungeon and I remember him being there?

Which dungeon are you referring to?  If you’re referring to a story one, you can’t get back in

If you’re referring to a regular dungeon, just tap on it to walk there and into it