Why isn't poison working the same way in pvp?

On regular play, once you’ve been poisoned you get tick damage at the very start of every turn, but in pvp it ticks at the very end of every turn. Why? This just cost me a match.

Someone used the last bite strategy with nothing but stun bombers, and the team I use isn’t really suited for this strategy. Anyway, one of my monsters had poison revenge and one monster after that had death revenge. This would normally kill the opponant every time in regular play, but due to the wierd mechanics in pvp he could wierdly enough just use last bite after being poisoned and gotten down to hold ground.

Accelerate team doesn’t work too

I’ve noticed accelerate team didn’t work for me either

i noticed that when my ultimadragon got knocked back his death revenge wouldnt work in pvp

Definitely a lot to work on regarding pvp. It was a good move though to not have any ranked rewards yet.

Deathrevenge often kills the monster at the end of the next turn too and not instantly… Happened a lot to me (and in my favor xD)… Don’t know if it’s a coincidence but I always had serapheon on the battlefield when that happened

Accelerate team does work, it’s only the Grafic that still shows the unaccelerated TUs