Who can be usefull from this summons?

Probably i’m beeing boring, but i’m still learning the bread and butter, and u guys r helping me a lot to understand this game that i’m in Luv.

So, i’ve left aside my last SE/Epic summons, and wanna know from those kids who’s worth ultra evolving and can help me going deeper in the PvE.

By the way, i’m rly in doubt between saintstag and tiamazus for my next ultra, some guys here told me to do stag first, but i’ve noticed my tiamad Always leaves enemy sweepers almost in red HP bar, and it i tought if i UE him, he could killed that sweeper, so what should i do? Camouflage+ dual DS> IK on sweepers??
Currently i’m at rank level 47 and only got a stormloch besides this two legends

Ty all and GL HF :slight_smile:

Stag sleep all can come in handy

Yep but i’m already using it, evolving him raises the rate?

Nope, and normally in buffed events poison eater doesn’t do much damage

As bagorah said
Poison unfortuneatley does little or not damage in high levels of UC.
Ideally stun and sleep is way to go. And maybe coupled with death revenge monsters.