7 Legends to Ultra Evolve - Who would you pick?

Hi everyone,

So with the upcoming Super Power-up Event and the chance to grab a much needed Omegamid, I have a dilemma.
With 7 Legends to Ultra Evolve (not including my Chronozar), who’s the lucky Neo Monster that takes it :thinking:

I was going to go with Mantlejaw but in the recent weeks i’ve accumulated a few more Legends.
So I put it to you guys, what order would you go with?

I would choose Magma or Lionheart. Getting a good sweeper when you’re fairly new to the game is one of the most important things. Magma does stun immune sweeping but has trouble getting too many in a row unless you have other good sweepers that can put an enemy to HG. Lionheart is generally a solid sweeper which in PvE you can use skipping to get back from the brink to keep it going very nicely.

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Thanks @Killerdog.
I can now add a Shogunking to the line up

KD always has solid advice. Personally i’d have gone with Grovo. He can be a lifesaver in the hard events and will help you progress through PvE events easier, thus getting you more gems


I have been using Torrentide with a similar method who has saved me a few times with his ‘Clone Next’ skill.

Is the Armandillo any good from the new event?
I have him, just need to add training session to Ultra Evolve him to final form

It does surprisingly good damage when above 50% health. The shields from load mortar protect it nicely too. One of the best SEs in my opinion but it’s definitely not as reliable as many legendaries. For veterans it has combo potential with the infinite-use pull back. When events have the restriction that we have to use lots of SEs (rather than legendaries) it’s one of my go-to monsters I try to fit into the team.

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Ah that’s great info! I’ll push on with UE him