Which monster (currently without 2 passives) would you want to see gain another ability?

Tenebris for me! I feel like Poison immunity would be too impactful on PvE, so maybe stun immunity instead.

Delugazar should have another. Perhaps a shield entrance to help it survive a bit :thinking:

Unmoveable for Soul Stealer and possibly for Oniblade but that might be a bit too much.

Shadowhunter and stormloch could use another but I can’t decide what.


Prismaryx, could give him hold ground

definitely stun counter.


rockoid: hold ground

With graviton wave as a move.

Shiva - Insomnia.
One of those anti-sleep

Tnb - Stun Immune.
We have Goo for poison.

Leogeist - Foggy Revenge /Fast-forward Revenge /Overwatch Revenge /Shocking Revenge.
Cloudy and Sting. Ultra Chrono Weakness.

Gloreo - Purify Entrance.
Its Holy-Bird.

Wraithcaptain - Insomnia.
Cant sleep the sleeper.

Dolphfreeze - Frozen Skin. -25% decelerate when attacked.

Solblaze - Shield Entrance.
He’s slow niche cloner.

Mechaviatan Harden Carapace /HG.

Nulltron - Stun Entrance.
Idk, something that stun.

Taloknight - Sleep Revenge.
How is an SE wolf stronger than him?

Sweetfeather - Sleep Revenge /Overwatch Entrance.
Just to make Exit Plan viable.

Soulstealer - Unmovable.

Delugazar - Shield Entrance / Union-HG.

Sobe - HG.
Malwing - Stun Immune.

give icefang - union excess force


Tenebris: Into darkness - poison and stun immunity when it has stealth (auto-poison stops the stealth on entrance so that still counters Tenebris).

Delugazar: Stunning entrance :smiling_imp:

Nulltron: Stunning touch - stun enemies hit by 50s. Also change SS stun pulse → Instant headhunter.

Prismaryx: Battlefield formation - +50% attack when this monster has a shield.

Sweetfeather: Love potion - dies 200s after entering the battlefield and puts to sleep two random enemies.

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Shivadragon : Defense mode/grit (perfect with hp sharing)
Nulltron : Swift stun pulse + Deus ex Machina (piercing+ unmovable)
Leogeist : Hold ground
Goldtail : 100 → 70 sec potent sleep + full defense stats + Holdground.
Malwing : sleep all revenge :eyes:
Shadowyrm : union (attack boost) + man eater
Kamiwyrm : Unmovable + Blizzard all

All SE bomber : unmovable or gravity field .
SE sleep all + Accel : fire → lava entrance, water → dreaming entrance.
Repulse -knockback SE : unwelcome entrance or unwelcome revenge.

That’d be perfect. It reminds me of Beritus saying “dragon food”.

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Shiva-insomnia (anti 000)

Apollo-poison revenge ( fits link fire poison )
Tallo- haze revenge ( fits link shadow )

Shadowhunter-sleep entrance
Shiny shadowhunter- shield entrance
Stormlock-sleep revenge


Leogeist- Hold Gound

Whraithcaptain- insomnia

Geomagnus-shield entrance

Solblaze-shield entrance ( too slow so it make sense )

Icefang- poisonous claws ( every atack will poison the enemy

Prismaryx- hold ground

Tenebris-stun immune :neutral_face: poison immune would be perfect but i give up on it stun immune will do the job

Gloreonix-purify entrance ( sacred bird comes to rescue the oppresed :stuck_out_tongue:

Delugazar-threatening entrance ( slows enemys by 10% when entering the field