When online unlocks

Hey guys Ive started playing on another device and for some reason I never opened the starting egg youre supposed to get. I currently have 10 gems as I played through the first island but i would like to know when the ‘online’ mode unlocks so i can open the festival eggs. Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:

I believe you unlock the online section when you win the first tournament. So play just a bit more and you’ll get there. Good luck in advance for those eggs :smiley:

You can open it after you finish the first league

Thats what I thought but I’m on to the second island and it still says I can’t connect to online server. Thankyou for replying though! Should I maybe just restart again?

Maybe there something wrong with your connection, because after the 1st island you can play online, maybe you need to restart the app or somethin :slight_smile:

I think you should restart IF you want a legendary monster to start off your journey specially a last biter imo

Thats really weird I restarted the game and the device and its still not working aha. Connection is fine and everything. Whats odd is that instead of opening the egg i got a 0 star earth monster called Shrubtooth. I can provide screenshots if you guys want. Very weird ahaha

The shrubtooth guy is givin to you, not from a hatched egg, you dont acquire 0 stars from eggs but instead guaranteed 4stars above

Did you downloaded the app in the google play or ios store? I think you should

I’ll attach the screenshots now. Sorry if they look kinda weird I couldnt figure out where to find screenshots when attaching files on tablet so I just took photos on my phone. But there you go and thanks for checking it out. Oh yeah this is off the google play store aswell

Oh yeah and just for clarification this is my second account on a different device :slight_smile:

Does your other device connects online?

They give you 8 gems. But they don’t force you to open the egg first thing anymore.

U can open the festival eggs without having access to online section…

Hey guys Yeah my other device connects no problem and it must just be something to do with the other device because if i click on anything othrr than the ‘monsters’ tab it says it cant connect to online server. Thankyou everyone for the help it is much appreciated:-D