Whatsapp group

IS there any whatsapp group for playing pvp battles?


There is a WhatsApp group but you have to get permission from Zard to join.

The thing is that he is a super polite guy who doesn’t like confrontation, so if he doesn’t want to let you join he’ll probably say something like “there is no Whatsapp group” or “Join the LINE group” instead of telling you straight.

Hopefully this helps


no there is no WhatsApp group. only line.

this is the most honest thing I read today

Thanks bro, how to find zard for asking permission. I am new here


Hay un grupo por WhatsApp en español deja tu número y te agregamos

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Bro i dont understand this language

There is a group by WhatsApp in Spanish, leave your number and we will add you.
Some speak English

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Can @TWISTER join the WhatsApp group?

Bro i joined ROE clan

Hola Orgumell4, me interesa ingresare al grupo de whatsapp, aqui te dejo mi número con el código de país:

You have to ask @Zardecil to join the WhatsApp group. He’s very very polite and tends to shy away from confrontation, so he may tell you “there is no WhatsApp group” or “I don’t know what you’re talking about” or “Gary is lying to you” or “join the LINE group.” This just means that he doesn’t want to let you in and that you should try back when you’re more established in the community.

The LINE group is fun, sure, but it’s really just beginners and n00bs who haven’t earned their way into WhatsApp yet


What whatsapp group? I’m literally clueless.

Don’t even have that app installed on my phone.

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See what I mean? @Romario_BA


I sure don’t.

Come on zard just invite him. I would but your the only one who can as you created the group



One day zard might let you in :slightly_frowning_face:

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He never let me in. Even after almost a year. Bet all the top 50 players hang out in there

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You mean consistently top 50-60