What were your main early-game Arks? What about on a second playthrough?

Now that I’ve beaten the game, I’m going back through a second time to see how different it feels with a different group. I’ve been rerolling for gold eggs with the first few bits of gold you get from early quests, to see if I can get something fun.

In my first playthrough, I used all the discounted gold eggs in the store and got Archeonis, Leafy, Flamogaru, Prometheo, Snowstag, and Bearfist in the early game, to go along with my Spark and Bluecub. I also got a lot of help from Pyroviper, Georex, Plasmorex, Skywolf, Gigaceros, and Tidalwhale later in the game. Coldheart carried me a LOT throughout the game though, and honestly I think it might have made the game a little TOO easy. 

After a few weaker attempts (and a whole lot of Duskhawks), I finally hit the jackpot and got Seadile (x2), Galey, Megalorex, Duskroc, and Gigaceros, to go along my with Brakio and Penguini. Nothing TOO amazing, but definitely respectable. I haven’t decided if I want to pick up Pearex early or hunt for any other starters/hatchlings before I start the game, but I feel like I have a pretty solid start to a fun game. I’m hoping to have as little overlap as possible with my first game, while still getting enough good Arks to beat the game. 

So how about you? What was your early-game lineup the first time through? Did anyone else start a second game?

My first game…? I sort of ditched Fang and replaced him with a cute sanders. I also kept a squirehawk for over half the game, loved my S bouldon to death, used my S shrubtooth, and the S bladeshark I caught was one of my best friends. I overheard something about birdy, and being the loyal bird fan I am, I ground tirelessly (a lie most likely) for an S birdy. And I got it. Believe it or not, but the collection on that file really sucked. I didn’t even get a duskroc or its first/second evo… :s

My second game… er… I forgot. I sort of… deleted it…? But I did go up to half the story line.

Right now I’m building a save with the main purpose of getting everything S. Sadly, the only thing S I got was S leafy (from an extremely lucky beginner egg spin… I was actually trying to get the B galey but I’m not complaining LOL) and an S penguini (…).

But I’m also only at Windon, so wish me luck haha. I’m aiming for S birdy next. 

Good luck!

The A-rank Archeonis I got from an early egg spin in my first game was HUGE for me, mostly because of Haste. I actually went and picked up a Birdy (only D, but eh) so I could have a second Archeonis in the back half of my lineup.

I’m a little worried about not having a Haste user in the early game right now. I really don’t want to drag Fang around with me before I get more party slots, but eh…

That reminds me that I also had a smokepup! It evolved into a wonderful nice Beowolf and I actually kept him in my team til the end of the game. So it’s a pretty decent starter, and it has haste. And that alpha skill that increases attack by each arkadion in the line up. So pretty cool, yeah? x>

My two main partners throughout my journey have been Thunderback and Ventowyrm.

My starter is self-explanatory, and i managed to pull Galey in the beginning gold egg!

Glazio and Remus all the way!

Woah, I just rolled an Anubis earlier tonight. Why couldn’t my main account be this lucky? Ah well, I guess Anubis and (knowing about) Don Penguini this time will make up for the lack of Coldheart.

I also decided to keep my A Smokepup this time, thanks to you! <3

I, like Kookaset, also got lucky with my first run through - also my main account nabbing an S Fang at the start, an A Leafy from the egg and an S Pearex. So I was set :slight_smile:

Lmao. S Fang. Not particular useful later in the game…

…but at the beginning, everyone’s like “OMGOMGOMGOMG”

I know I was xD

Eh, An S Skywolf Haste can be handy, even in the final battles.

My 2 were Thunderback and Flamogun! The whole way through they’ve been by my side. I’m in the last tower and Thunderback is Lv. 99 and Flamogun is Lv. 98.