what is wroung with this game?

Well today devs give us another free gem i dont get nothing because it just disapear and it tells me i have reived it already…next i beat the extreme level on count lector to get 2 gems and guess what? I dont receive nothing again
3 free gems i won but i dont have its sad devs really sad

Same situation here with the gem

Well i did received the counter lector 2 gems but not the free one

I received the 2 gems at 2nd atempt (not so bad)
The free one i dont get nothing

And i get the worst part. I have 18 gems, then, after playing some missions online, my gems just got reduced to 3! And i did not do anything but play. Really sad.

Really? I didn’t see any new free gem news today though.

Ive been playing for 7 months now and its the first time it happens.

I saw the red 1 that tends to indicate that there’s something new, but there’s nothing new.


Didn’t see the new free gem, what was it about anyway???

I think they were old free gems, and the only mistake was the “1” icon.  There weren’t actually any new free gems on offer.

no doubt there will be a free gem for the confusion or bug soon :roll_eyes:

Now I got the 2 gems, but not the free gem.

Thats already old, you could look, there’s the date as to when the free gem was given 3rd of Feb so you already have it like me.

Hmmm then the free gem was probably a bug cus it was the screen that apears to me when i click to receive it…

Currency disappearing is a serious issue. Can each of you that had the problem submit an as-detailed-as-possible bug report to support so we can investigate this thoroughly?

It happened to me once and I sent support an email. Got the gem back. So they have my friend code and bug report.