What is the best team to make from my monsters.

I’m stuck on episode 12. I still don’t have a full understanding of the best way to match monsters. Any team suggestions and info on how to make a good team would b greatly appreciated.

My max cost is 155

What is switch to purifier. Is it a certain skill some monsters have?

Pretty sure he’s referring to Frostrider, who can one on one then switch places, in this case into a monster with purify to wake your team up. Unfortunately you don’t have him, so one on one isn’t going to work for you. I think a good FL would be Soulstealer, Esapidon, Dreadwolf and Bazilodon with Serapheon in fifth, then Steamhawk Zephyr and Searguard. Place the death sentence, then put everything to sleep with SS and wolf, and if it goes right you’ll be able to rip up 8 monsters total between SS and Bazil. I recommend you evolve Bazilodon, Heavensdrake, Esapidon and Zephyr soon though, they get great new moves to work with. But DO NOT EVER evolve Dreadwolf, or any of the other SE sleepers(excluding the event ones) to their last forms. Upon ultra evolution they go from Sleep to sleep all, which unfortunately goes up to a 200 second cooldown and has a very low rate for each monster, so single sleep is widely considered superior to sleep all since it’s faster and more reliable. The extra stats aren’t worth it either.

Well single sleep is 130 sec for TDS mons and it has a 60% chance of putting a monster to sleep, which honestly wouldn’t be as effective as a 200 sec sleep all which could affect all monsters. Two sleeps would be 260 sec which is more than sleep all, and at most it can only put 2 mons to sleep. Sleep all could affect all monsters, plus single sleep is only worth it when it is like stormloch or shadowhunter’s speed which is 70 sec.

Well, say that a particularly threatening monster, for example Tridrakhan, is coming close while the other three either have fairly high TU or are already asleep. Regular sleep has a 60% chance of putting him down, however sleep all only has about 20-40(not entirely certain). That’s why single sleep is generally preferred, it’s better at doing the job when you most desperately need it to.

Hi maybe you could help me building my team? I was already at the team building help topic but because I am new to this forum I can only post 3 replies. These are my monster:


You have atras? Clone the healer guy for his enterance and also utopian for a possible double megabomb

Ok thx and another question: should I unlock the full heal SS of utopion or the turbo cannibalism of athrahasis? I only have 1 Ocarino left.

Atra SS is amazing. id suggest that

Ok thx I’ll do it

What is is. Necromancy? I thought he had that normally

Yes he already has it in his first form

His SS is turbo cannibalism

Oh yea. Nice