What Friendly PvP Could Be

First off, great work on the Friendly PvP devs. I’m sure lots of players are really enjoying this new feature and are making good use of it, even though a few improvements can be made  :stuck_out_tongue:

At present, most of us are simply using the new system to either test new PvP teams/strategies or just for fun battles. I have however noticed that a few players have come up with some interesting little battles/tournaments as such to make it a bit more interesting. This got me thinking about what the Friendly PvP can actually be. Below is a list of ideas I came up with. Now I don’t take full credit for all of this as some of these have been used already, but I’ll add them anyway to try and make a full list of things to do.

1. Game Modes (Special Rules)

Some of these are quite obvious as they are either being used in the current PvP system, or have been used some players already for battles.

  • Cost Limit Teams - Self explanatory. Set a team cost limit and have fun with :slight_smile:
  • Tier/Rarity Based Teams only - This involves only having Super-Epic or Epic in your team. Make use of those non-used monsters, give them some love.
  • The Real Island Challenge - Players are only allowed to use Island monsters in their team, so basically 3 stars and below. Inclusion of the 3 capturable Epics are debatable.
  • XvX - Only X amount of monsters per team (e.g 2v2, 3v3, 5v5)
  • Elemental Battles - All monsters in team needs to be of same element, so you can have an Earth team vs Water Team for example.
  • No x skill teams - Battles where teams aren’t allowed to use a specific skills or sets of skill such as Stun, Poison etc. making battles a bit more challenging I would say.

I’m sure there are lots more that other players can think of, so feel free to comment or add.

2. Battle Modes

I’ve already seen people try and organize various Tournaments of sort, which is great so I’ve decided to add a few different tournament ideas:

  • Team Battles - Players create teams of a specific size (5v5 for example) to take on other teams. Each player battles once and the team with the most wins … basically WINS!  :) Easy. Great for clan battles !!!
  • Round Robin Tournament - 10 Players take part in Round Robin Tournament. Each player gets a chance to battle all other players. Player with most wins is declared Champion.
  • King of the Hill - 10 players battle it out to be the King. So basically, a challenger comes in to battle the King, if he wins he becomes the new King, otherwise the next challengers come in to take on the reigning King. Players basically take turns based on a pre-set order. No limit, unless one is set beforehand.
  • Standard Tournaments - Players sign up for best out of three tournament, where winners progress to next round until one winner is declared at the end.

Again, I’m sure there’s plenty more that other can think of, so feel free to contribute.

3. Improvement Ideas

Once again, thank you devs for this, but unfortunately the new PvP system did come with some issue, especially around the actual match making process. Many players are still experiencing issues with disconnects as well as being kicked to the home screen when trying to join a match. I specifically noticed the latter when you don’t join the session immediately.

So some suggestions on how you might look at improving/optimizing the process:

  • Challenge Option - Instead of having to create a match with code, players can be assigned a specific ID (much like friend code). Other players can then use the code to challenge a player to a Duel. The “challengee” will receive an in-game pop-up or something to either accept or decline the challenge. I have seen and used this in other games, so I know it is possible. Only downside, is that it can become a nuisance, especially if the other person is busy with a mission or something.
  • Rooms - Ability to create rooms within the ‘Dual PvP’ realm. Players can then use the room name/ID to join and battle others within the room only.
  • Public PvP area - If custom rooms aren’t possible. One general public area/room where online players are shown and can be challenged directly.

If anybody has any other ideas/suggestions, please feel free to add. I’m sure the devs will take all of this onboard to try and enhance our experience even more.

Like your ideas, especially the game mods :slight_smile:

Glad you approve  :smiley:

Another fight idea to add to the list would be no critical damage allowed(Blood moves, survivor, dreamhunt, poison eater. etc.), only basic single/double/all attacks allowed, other moves can be used as long as it doesn’t do lethal damage. It would put an enormous emphasis on stats, which regularly become completely insignificant when crit moves are involved. Or maybe no skipping allowed.

The stats of monsters are a joke for this game due to the damn pure rng feature.

I like it.I must say this update was great.we still have bugs and most of monster are unbalanced but at least we can have a little fun.
I hope devs focus on this new PvP idea and improve it to clan fight.
Must be great challenge and wish they do something for finding player for PvP.giving every player an ID is great.
BTW,please not forget to continue story on next update :wink:
Tnx devs
F2P Arash