What did you get from your Eggs? (Part 2)


Well after 3-4 months after that asmodia last shard hatch which resulted into 0 gems i finally reached shrine(660 only ) and this was a good way too start .

3 packs 2 shards


Rare gem pull :heart_eyes:


Lets trade with Cynthia

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Screenshot_20220918-233809_Neo Monsters


Scanlope is dope if got kill :joy:

My second awaken mythic​:heart_eyes:. I already love him. Got 2 shards of Gorgo and one of Sepheris. Plus the scorpion guy. I did my ten paid gems where I got a copy of Gorgo one of Sepheris. I said ok dude, I have 1.2k gems saved for anniversary and I am willing to go down to 1k. So in my 4th pack I got another shard. So happy :blush:


I finally got one after trying for a year now😵


I has the same problem with FD Iris :laughing:

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Finally got something i wanted, although i am at 432 gems now😅


Thank god, got this one from rare gems.
Lvl 68 with several decent legend ( now on lucifelle and novadrake festivals )

Should i roll novadrake ?
I got these legend atm


Stuck at last chapter offline story ( maggatsuoh) and chapter 5 online atm

This is my comp to do GoH atm
Stuck at master lvl 10

And no luck in extreme difficulty SCB

Wait for infernicorn banner :v:

I personally love Novadrake in PvE. He’s really speeding up lots of PvE events.

But Infernicorn is very op, Sherox is right, that’s why Infernicorn is always in the top PvP list.

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Thank for your both advice.
I would save some more gems then.
Wish us luck in egg roll next month :joy:

You have Riftail in this picture (right next to Chronozar). Evolve him. One of the best SEs in the game, he becomes Torrentide, gains Camouflage and Poison Immunity as abilities, and makes the majority of PvE things extremely easy, especially SCB and the Main Story. Against Maggat he will be amazing bc of it’s abilities and can clone so Maggot will not be able to do a thing.

I think Torrentide is definitely the most important 5* PvE monster in the game, and easily in the top 10 PvE monsters overall. He starts being persistent where the famous Tenebris fails. Revived by Aurodragon he can own the endline and slowly do his job till it’s done. But always beware of monsters like Nulltron.

Torrentide alone won me so many almost lost matches and deserves lots of praise and credit.

I love you Torrentide :heart: you never let me down, and if seldomly you loose, we loose together and get the AI next round :pray:

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he is 2nd or 3rd best. Vinegazer has to take the title. then theres monsters like purpie, simuronix, nefariodon and bundleblazer to consider.

but there’s no doubt he is one of the best. he carried me through defence of verosia event recently.


Purpie > Vinegazer, but yes you’re correct that Torrentide is not quite the best… more like a top 5.

say that to my face. :triumph:

My success in Balancion’s and MBQ with Purpie will easily beat whatever bravado you have :stuck_out_tongue: