What are your favourite monster combos?


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Angel + cybereon (:smirk:)
scyberithe+ kanna+ aegis
scyberithe + bum/ chronotitan
lunactica + pupapa (once they are transformed) / + dreadmoth
momo + redybug + token
sacrumega+ Angel + hellfox

I have a question, though I dont possess either of these monsters. Can novadrake be paired with onyxia so that its passive doesnt give it much problem due to ELEM Healing?

Stratustrike, Polaboss, Blacktitan, Bundleblazer 5th and Shivadragon/Leogeist in 4th/6th (can’t remember which way around).

This was back when toxic presence could trigger at the start of battle so you’d 90% speed retreat into poisoning your team, OoO then I had Pola slowed to just behind Stratu to have detox strike for the enemy which stayed awake / a problem monster. I’d charge crescendo while things are sleeping and at some point pass Bundle over. So then they’re facing two charged crescendo monsters, charged Stratu and have a Bundle messing up their line-up.

Sadly it was a little too all-in that it wasn’t as good as other OoO setups of mine, but it was a lot of fun to use crescendo so heavily in PvP.

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