What's your favorite monster so far?

Just a little fun, post your favorite monster and give a reason why?

Gigasect is my favorite monster right now because he has carried me with his unique moveset idk if any other monster has Gigasect moves but mab he has put in work for me.

Magmaraptor. Throw, Time Strike, Bloodcrave, One-on-one.

It looks sick, kills something nearly every turn. One-on-one makes it Sleepkiller vulnerable, so it’s more often detrimental than helpful, but if your enemies have your team poisoned it’s great!

Out of all the monsters I have, ragnawolf is my favorite. I know it seems dumb but once he gets going with that bloodthirst he’s unstoppable.
And he looks badass too.

Omega is my favorite!! He’s my first legendary and auto poison mixed with poison eater is way too good. Honorable mention though is rexo with blood fury.

I have to agree that Omegawyrm is awesome. But what about all the others? how about Oroblazer? He’s one of the few with unwanted friend and let me tell you, if any move is a good move its that one, especially combined with twin knock-back. I wish I had an Oroblazer, I also wish I had an Omegawyrm too.

Flarewing is one of my fav.
He has the highest attack I’ve seen from the non-evolved legendaries
Some of the best skills and cool looking too -_^

Angelon. It’s probably the most useful in the game.

Nebelronix. Death Revenge along with Create Duplicate is a very fun combo to play with!

Protector killer
Once u get 2 kills he is unstopable

I love Mossgoliath. There are too many stun monsters. He absorbes the stuns and combined with another protection monster, the other monster takes the timestrikes. He also purifies poison and can stealth my nova blaster.

Dark Rider- the best DPS!!!

Magmatryant. Dude has every killer moves and got me through lots of battles.

For me? Dark: Necrowing, Nighthorse (and I have to get them all!!!), Light: Angelon, Shadowstalker and Guardiron, Thunder: Cyberwyrm and Penguini. And looking for a tanker legendary. 

I think Necrowing has

Ultradusk all
Desperate strike

Hold ground.

I have Necrodrake.

He probably meant shadowyrm, the legendary which does indeed have the skills that he mentioned.


Hmm I don’t know who put this on then. But it says that Necrowing is a 5 star monster…

Shadowyrm is the ultra evolved form of necrowing

Warca is my favorite: and this monster is great if your team synergies with him; meaning a water blocker, a water healer, and one other support preferably a cryowurm. After the novablast the monster will kill additional monsters fast with bloodthirst. I feel this monster is close to broken if used properly.

Right up there with Warca is Serapheon; the ultimate in support. Many don’t realize u practically gain a full monster everytime he survives a risky heal. Other moves like Give Turn can’t be underestimated. He’s the ultimate contributor to the team, equivalent to the “Monster Messiah” so selfless and yet so good.

Rexotyrant is my runner up: he would be awesome if his death sentence couldn’t target himself. Otherwise once he gets his one kill from it or the timestrike, he can easily explode for more kills. Give him a healer, a blocker, and a turn giver: and watch the opposing team crumble.

My favorite monster is Nebelronix, I enjoy the art of him/it and was my first legendary, also create duplicate + death revenge is really usefull

Celestrion :sunglasses: