What are the rewards in balancion's trial day 5?

I am a newbie and can’t seem to figure out what to choose…

What are the options?

two monsters i guess


book because its rarer

I can’t complete it :sob::sob:
I missed 3 days
No new Abbyssoldier :sob:

i havent played after day 1

Yeah the book is rarer. It looks like you have different options to high level players. On day 5 I’ve just got pyramids haha.

For the final day where you pick a super epic I highly recommend the one on the left (the shadow poison one). It’s a strong monster for killing enemies at efficient speed. Use it without the other Abyssoldiers so it has the lone fish stats boost and don’t have any shadow monsters nearby in your team.

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yay man got it! Though I had some tough time beating the trial but eventually i did it
And it has lone fish stat boost damn… Now im curious about what the other monster is and its skillset

I haven’t got the game open right now but I think it’s Abyssoldier Guardian. Basically it’s very tanky with purify and double counter strike (killing fire monsters). It’s nowhere near as useful as the shadow one. It’s more for use with the other Abyssoldiers as their protector.

man that guy just shreds through teams as i have a posion team i can use it more efficiently!