Weekly Mission Question

Hey guys, I recently got 5 Minoflares from the mission eggs, and I would like to ask: Can you combine 5 of them to create a Miniblast? (or whatever it’s evolution is called) an if so, where could we combine them? I tried to find a way of combining them, but I couldn’t, so I had to resort to the forums.
(I got the idea when the picture showed a Minoflared and 5x beside it with the combine sign thing)

You combine them at the fusion place in many towns. The same place that you combine other fusions. The icon has the blue and red test tubes or whatever they are. 

You should have gotten the Minoblast recipe on the second floor of the mission. So go in there and find the right recipe, tap it, and click “Make”. 

oh okay I did it! thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: