Weakest and Strongest

What do you think are the strongest legendaries and weakest…

Strongest… Goldtail, or Raizen, or Geomagnus, Chromera, Hellfox, auro, Sanc, Bane, etc.  I dont actually know

Weakest…Prismaryx or Dophoenix…or the assisted horses…the TK’s arent as bad…(ask vegi he knows why), and the dr monsters are usefull for UC

What do you think are the strongest Super epic and weakest…


Weakest…Virirabbit, or the recently featured summonsing monsters 

Im open to new suggestions

I think prismaryx is great.
personally feel that nebel and Cosmo need some changes.
Even bahamuzar.(The fact that i have him and also that his throw cannot kill a monster with a single KO).Pairing it with a burnsalot for some rockoids is just too much.

Firstly Im not asking for buff, nor changes, but man prismaryx is not great, at all… Bahumazar is better than prisma, but thats another story if u want to argue about it pm me…I’ll explain why bahumazar is a overal better monster compared to prismaryx…But this thread is for something else, its not about discussing what needs changes

Secondly considering auro and atra exist cosmo and nebel arent doing as bad as prisma…or dolph…

I want bahamuzar for a throw team, in PvP he 1 shots don’t judge his throw on pve

Strongest: Geomagnus Weakest: Dolphoenix

Strongest: Deodragon (Quick Charge & Burst), Aurorodragon (Automatic Revive & Good Utility) Penguinator (Slayerbane All), Godfeather/Dragia (Last Bite).

Weakest: Dolphenix, Taloknight/Apollorexus, Nebelronix/Cosmodragon.

Strongest Leg: Penguinator, TT, Geomagnus, Chromera
Weakest: Dolphenix, Prisma

Strongest SE: Sear, DD, Galvbane
Weakest: Wolf, Molten, Snowhulk, Fairies, Virabbit… Too many lol

Strongest legendary: Stratustrike
Weakest: nebelronix


One on one is risky and you can’t count on it all time,but its a great move for that nasty-super fast bird.
Since Deo and Geo are both amazing it’d be hard to say which is better but Deo can kill Geo fast,so,I will get them point.1)Deo 2)Geo
weakest would be harder to say is which one,all monsters have something, I love DR and those AP but they are a bit weak compared to others,still I’m believe weakest is Valza,even after last update,he is weak,and he still needs a lot of luck to be successful.

F2P Arash

The reason that he is the best is because the move one on one can be built around in such a way that it’s never going to give a negative net gain. You either end up neutral or waaaaay ahead in his case.

Valsareign is good now. He was actually the reason supah beat me last tournament.

I agree with zard. Stratus is the strongest monster in game because of how hard he is to deal with and how easily he can set himself up to sweep.

Weakest: nebel/cosmo

I think that currently aurodragon is the most powerful, unless you deal with it it generates a stupid amount of value.
I admit statustrike is a very close second though.

Worst is nebil, cosmo had a use in assisted thunder maybe (not really)

Actually i use nebel for assisted water. Still, he is only good cuz he is standing there. Other then that he sucks

Eh I’d argue that assisted thunder is better than water, but it’s debatable.

I would have to agree with buck auro is amazing now if not dealt

I think auro will be the most powerful but since there hasn’t been a Pvp since his buff I based it on previous pvps