Wanting to ultra evolve

I have a monster that I’ve trained to the point where I ultra evolved it once, but it has another available. I get that you use de-aging fruit to add training sessions but it won’t allow me to use any on this particular monster… it’s stats are maxed out, but i really want to evolve it one more time… Is it possible I was a bit too efficient in my training? Is there any way to add more training sessions so I can help it realize it true and full potential? Am I out of luck for this particular monster? Or will it just allow me to evolve once I have the required materials again? Help is greatly appreciated.

Hey man. What monster is it? You will just be able to evolve it again, without the need for training I think. Take a look on the ultra evolve screen to see what’s required.

If it’s a mythic monster unfortunately you’ll need to get mythic dupes to unlock its potential… By getting lucky and hatching the exact same monster 3 more times.

Devs: Dont worry you will eventually evolve it after burning 5k $ :wink: :grin: :ok_hand:

I was so happy when I hatched my xyz that i immediately evolved him… before coming to the realization that he will forever sit there taunting me due to my inability to evolve him.

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I have 4.

Exu’s comment is right. Mine applies if it is a starter or Leobolt etc

how would you feel knowing my void is +6 and i cant use her.
my husk is +3

My Void is +6 also and I can successfully use her. Don’t let that stop you from trying to incorporate her into a team. Also GG earlier btw @Mr.X, that was one of the most intense matches I have had and was sweating bullets the whole time.

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If I ever manage to awaken a mythic, I’m immediately going to go buy a lottery ticket

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What is the best way to ultra evolve a chronic

Do ultra evolve quest and monster hunting