Vengeance in PVP

Hi guys! I noticed that vengeance isn’t working properly in PVP. The tool tip rarely states that the skill will have a bonus for dead allies.

Anyone else having this issue?

I’m sorry is this was addressed before but I didn’t find anything on that subject due to my lack of patience in searching old topics.


The quick answer for you:

The tooltips sometimes do not update.

Haste you wont see the TU reduction listed but after you use the ability the TU will be lower.

Vengeance sometimes wont show the bonus

Timebomb from minespider sometimes won’t show either.

Is it for all allies KO’d? Or just all allies KO’d while that ark is in battle?

All allies ko’d. That’s why omega is always better near the end of pvp line

Ok so the skill works proprely but not the tooltip.

Good to know, thanks!